SwapToll's mission

Fostering kinks and instant connections in polyamory

A Playground for Passion

Whether you're dipping your toes or fully immersed in the lifestyle, SwapToll brings endless possibilities closer. Connect with a diverse community, from curious minds to seasoned swingers, all in a space that's as adventurous or as comforting as you desire.

Discover and Delve

With countless profiles and an ever-growing community, SwapToll is your premier destination to explore shared passions and kinks.

Local Thrills Await

Find city-based desires! SwapToll connects you locally, safeguarding privacy by using only city-level location data, never exact co-ordinates.

Privacy is Paramount

Your data is yours alone. We never sell or share it, and we completely erase your data upon account deletion.

99.99% Free!

Unhindered interactions and fun await you. Opt for additional features to enhance your experience and support our community.

Respecting Your Choices

We values your specific choices, guarding against unwanted contacts for a tailored, secure experience.

Embrace Your True Self

SwapToll is a community where you're encouraged to be your genuine, unfiltered self, unlike anywhere else online.

Highly Real-Time

Enjoy seamless connections with real-time updates. Instantly see active users, messages, and notifications — no refreshes.

Celebrate Diversity

Our strength lies in our diverse community. Here, there's no prescribed path, only the one that's perfect for you.

Beyond Just Dating

SwapToll is more than a dating site — it's where you make genuine connections, from friendships to play partners and everything in between.

We didn't reinvent the wheel

At SwapToll, simplicity harmonizes with sophistication. Our clean, minimalist design paves the way for authentic connections, while instant updates ensure you're attuned to every pulse. Effortless, intuitive, and immediate—skip the learning curve, embrace the excitement of exploration. Plunge in, bond, revel in the connection.

Experience the fluid elegance of SwapToll: A realm where uncomplicated interfaces cultivate profound bonds. Remain engaged with instantaneous alerts. Embark on a journey of discovery, sans hesitation.

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Embark on Exclusive Connections

Connect with peers on SwapToll; shared class, matched passions.

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